Results of the Qualifying round

The results of the Qualifying round of the 1st International Russian Music Piano Competition have been published
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108 pianists from 16 countries: Argentina, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Canada, China, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Russia, South Korea, USA took part in the Qualifying round of the 1st Russian Music International Piano Competition.

25 pianists of the Junior group and 35 pianists of the Senior group are invited to participate in the 1st round of the Competition.

We congratulate the participants who have successfully passed to the 1st round and remind that you need to send a confirmation of participation in the main rounds before July 20, 2019. You can do it via the feedback form on the website in "Contacts".

Junior group:

Anzorova Iman — did not pass

Arevshatyan Shushan — did not pass

Artyaeva Tatyana — did not pass

Babayan Suren — did not pass

Belousov Eugene — did not pass

Cherotchenko Vasily — passed

Davydchenko Sergey — passed

Di Molfetta Maria Francesca — passed

Doronin Alexander — passed

Drozd Julia — passed

Fei Qianzhui — did not pass

Grabova Catherine — passed

Guliyeva Victoria — did not pass

Guzeeva Daria — passed

Hajiyev Murad — passed

Iskorostensky Arthur — passed

Khachukayeva Royana — did not pass

Khorokhorova Natalia — passed

Kolesnikova Elena — passed

Komissarova Daria — did not pass

Koroleva Alexandra — did not pass

Koteneva Anna — did not pass

Kramskoy Peter — did not pass

Lee Hyo — passed

Lisanova Natalia — passed

Ma Langchun — passed

Margaryan Irene — did not pass

Maslakova Elizaveta — did not pass

Matinyan Gevorg — passed

Melnichenko Ilya — did not pass

Mikheeva Arina — passed

Mikuzis Casparas — passed

Monan Jülch — passed

Muzar Elizabeth — did not pass

Nasybullina Aelita — did not pass

Navarro Maximiliano — did not pass

Nediak Leonid — passed

Petrov Vitaly — passed

Popkov Ivan — did not pass

Potemkina Aksinya — passed

Shumkov Matvey — passed

Skladannaya Sophia — passed

Smurova Catherine — did not pass

Sosnin Roman — passed

Stryukov Kirill — did not pass

Tulapin Philippe — did not pass

Umnov Daniel — passed

Vernyak Dmitry — did not pass

Senior group:

Avetisyan Margarita — did not passed

Azulai Eden — did not passed

Bakhtin Ilya — passed

Bruckmuller Andreas— did not passed

Chernaya Maria — passed

Choi Victoria — did not passed

Chufarovsky Alexey — passed

Dolinsky Vasily — passed

Epihina Victoria — passed

Gordeev Mikhail — did not passed

Gukasyan Astghik — passed

Ishkayeva Tatyana — did not passed

Ivanova Dina — passed

Ivanova Olga — passed

Kashpurin Alexander — passed

Kirillova Daria — did not passed

Konnov Eugene — passed

Kovaleva Maria — did not passed

Kurdyumov Nikolay — did not passed

Kwon Hyojin — passed

Lee Hyuk — passed

Leirer Anna — passed

Lomov Artyom — did not passed

Lyoshkin Andrey — passed

Manco Taras — did not passed

Merzlov Arseny — passed

Murray Colin — did not passed

Mustafina Aigul — did not passed

Nemolyaeva Anna — passed

Nikolaev Valeria — passed

Novitsky Vasily — passed

Orlov Gregory — did not passed

Oslin Artem — did not passed

Pavlenko Mikhail — passed

Pavlova Alexander — passed

Potapov Lev — not passed

Proshkin Mikhail — did not passed

Reshetov Sergey — passed

Salyakhova Aysylu — passed

Saubanova Ramilya — passed

Saveliev Alexander — did not passed

Sergeeva Inna — passed

Sin Dmitry — passed

Skorobogaty Stanislav — did not pass

Statygina Nadezhda — did not passed

Strakhov Alexander — did not passed

Trebo Maximilian — passed

Trofimov Dmitry — passed

Tsyganov Dmitry — passed

Turkina Anastasia — did not passed

Valentin Popov — passed

Valeria Myslyaeva — passed

Valieva Elina — passed

Vasily Zhizhin — did not passed

Vorozhtsov Arthur — passed

Zabolotny Vasily — passed

Zagidulin Stanislav — did not passed

Zemlyansky Oleg — passed

Zhak Tatiana — passed

Zhukov Ivan — did not passed

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