Results of the 1st Round

Senior Group
Dear friends!

Today we honour the participants of the senior group who have successfully gone forward to the 2nd Round of the First International Russian Music Piano Competition: :

Vorozhtcov Artur
Leyerer Anna
Zabolotniy Vasily
Leshkin Andrey
Sergeeva Inna
Pavlova Alexandra
Ivanova Dina
Popov Valentin
Alexander Kashpurin
Lee Hyuk
Nemolyaeva Anna
Valieva Elina
Saubanova Ramilya
Konnov Evgeny

We congratulate them on their first victory and wish them successful performance in the 2nd Round!

We thank those contestants who have not been admitted for the 2nd Round for their participation in the 1st International Russian Music Piano Competition and wish them great creative victories! We would also like to remind that on December 3 you may take part in the master-classes by the Jury members.

To be informed